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Monitor Articles for February 4, 2009

Bolivia sees profit in lithium, but can it exploit it?
China's surge of college graduates finds white-collar work elusive
London buckles under worst snow in 18 years
Sunni party's rise in Iraq signals new nationalist current
Iran enters space race with own satellite and rocket
War crimes accusations rattle Israel
Taliban seize police station in Pakistan's Swat Valley
With attacks on Afghan supply lines in Pakistan, US turns to Uzbekistan
Music piracy: A perfect topic for me, a musician moonlighting as a journalist
China TV: To Show – or Not – a Thrown Shoe
Kyrgyzstan: Does it really want to close US base?
Daschle's exit a big deal? Talking heads disagree!
Blagojevich to Letterman: I'm glad you're not on the jury!
Sarah Palin blasts Defenders of Wildlife for new anti-Palin campaign
Pentagon pick shows challenges of Obama's ethics rules
Letters to the Editor
Opinion The cheap stimulus option: Stop hyping bad economic news
Opinion George Mitchell and the end of the two-state solution
The Monitor's View Buy American, buy a trade war
Obama’s cap on CEO pay strives to end era of excess
Economic stimulus plans now global phenomenon
Got gold? Why TV ad men want yours.
US enters new era with CEO pay caps
SEC needs old hands to catch the next Madoff
Google Earth maps the oceans
A year to celebrate the achievements of Galileo and Darwin
Interactive fashion lets costumers wear devices on their sleeves
Across Irish Sea: two bold tactics against music piracy
Congress delays DTV switch
Stalk your friends with Google
Food Matters
Hidden Iran
For adults who crave children's lit
Prehistoric one-ton 'super snake' ate alligators for lunch
Where imagination meets farming
An everyday beverage is transformed
Quinoa for the single cook
A passion for pomegranates
What's for dinner tonight?
Head in the sand?
America's forgotten fruit