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Monitor Articles for February 3, 2009

Moderate Islamists take on hard-liners in battle for Somalia
Colombian rebels' new strategy: release hostages
Pakistan: UN official's kidnapping highlights security threat
Taliban who? Afghan filmmakers brave off-screen dramas
Pakistani militants cut off key NATO supply line to Afghanistan
My Mosul: Why the Iraqi city has a special place in my heart
Blizzard can't stop Tony Blair from trying to cool Gaza conflict
Go-getter: At a dreary Beijing job fair, Li Dengliang won me over
Second-graders brighten Obama's Daschle-dashed day
Obama performance czar Killefer withdraws over bungled taxes
With Daschle's withdrawal, can Obama repair image as ‘change’ agent?
Yee-haw! Palin gets involved in Texas politics - endorses Perry
Joe the Plumber now advising the GOP on the economy
Former Detroit mayor released from jail - not "bitter" at city
Blago compares himself to Christian Bale on Letterman
Will the US adjust life at Guantánamo for detainees?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion A road map to healthcare reform
Opinion Note to Congress: When Obama speaks, hold the applause
The Monitor's View Iran's waiting game for Obama
Some relief may be in sight for troubled US mortgages
Which stimulus is better: tax cuts or spending?
Affordability of US homes reaches new record
US auto sales plunge, may have hit bottom
New US office takes fresh approach to carbon
YouTube, the video game
Darwin's Sacred Cause
Waiting for an Ordinary Day: The Unraveling of Life in Iraq
A book for Elizabeth Edwards
India's eager young readers
Chocolate at Chaco Canyon: a ceremonial beverage heads north
How pastors are soothing congregants in recessionary times
Radio rookies
Cats among the ruins
For kids: Up or down?
Look out! Mom's behind the wheel.
Prayer for 'the cure'
For the birds