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Monitor Articles for February 27, 2009

Sierra Leone verdict warns world's warlords
Bangladesh revolt tests civilian rule
Pakistani power struggle flares up
Despite opposition, Afghan Christians worship in secret
After Gaza war, a harder coexistence for Jews and Arabs
US Justice Department to bring criminal charges against 'enemy combatant'
President Obama lays out his plans for Iraq withdrawal
Troop withdrawal: Obama to end Iraq war by August 2010
EU to promise $556 million for Palestinian aid. But who will oversee Gaza reconstruction?
Obama signals major shift in US anti-terror policy
Budget debate launches new tea party
Poll: Palin GOP favorite in 2012 - but pollster says poll has no value
CPAC: Is Joe the Plumber the new leader of the GOP?
Pentagon report on Guantánamo detainees: incomplete?
Gates set to leave deeper imprint on Pentagon?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Europe's off-again, on-again crush on Obama
Opinion An ugly bias is back: blaming Jews for financial woes
The Monitor's View A road map to better US roads
Obama gives lawmakers a budget plateful
Uncle Sam takes a greater role in US banking
GDP's sharp drop spotlights global recession
Does bitter winter weather refute climate-change claims?
‘Ark’ races to rescue jungle frogs
Horizon highlights – 'How'd they do that?' edition
States do a delicate dance with gamers
Spade and Archer
It may be the world's most valuable comic book
Why don't people act their age?
Don’t tap me for ‘Dancing With the Stars’
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Late-night shuffle
Hip-hop's Arabic-language kin
Over the hedge
'The Linguists': Raiders of the Lost Tongues
Defender of quiet places
Cutting through the California quagmire
The very fragrant Parma violet