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Monitor Articles for February 26, 2009

Some British Christians feel oppressed in the public square
In Britain, an uptick in churchgoing?
Iran's reformers put hope in 'New Khatami'
Why 88 Arab homes received eviction notices
India accuses Pakistani Army officer of involvement in Mumbai attacks
Recession? War? Gulf developer continues massive Georgia luxury project.
Two worlds meet
Jackie Chan to Christie’s: sale of China's looted bronzes 'shameful'
Eastern Europe’s fall puts Continent on edge
Mitchell lands in Israel, rival Palestinian factions talk in Cairo
Former president of Serbia acquitted of war crimes; five others found guilty by Hague tribunal
Rickshaw to the rescue
The Obama budget’s big ambitions
Chris Matthews, Bobby Jindal, and God
Obamas credit Stevie Wonder for true love
Supreme Court rules Utah city can reject religious sect's monument
Obama adjusts timing on Iraq withdrawal
Foreigners at home, US skiers shine at last on global stage
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Outlook on China: peaceful partner or warmonger?
Opinion Barbie's no threat to little girls
The Monitor's View Obama's new zeal
Jump in new jobless claims
A sharper outline for bank rescue plan
Drought hits California farmers hard
Safari 4's browser war salvo
Ultimate Arm: Capturing action from every angle
Herbert Hoover: The 31st President, 1929-1933
Whispering in the Giant’s Ear
Date set for final Harry Potter film
In the hands of babes: Thai elephants’ future
What a find! Stone-age tools in a Boulder backyard.
Sometimes total strangers know us best of all
There's no place like home
A place for you