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Monitor Articles for February 20, 2009

Films that presaged the wall's fall
L.A. comes of age with opera giant
Hutu rebels drop guns, return to Rwanda
In Canada, Obama gets warm welcome – and tips on managing an economy
China protests Christie's auction in Paris of relics
Clinton eyes bringing N. Korea back to negotiating table on nuclear program
China, taking advantage of global recession, goes on a buying spree
Lieberman nod to Netanyahu tips Israel right
Saudis break taboo of opposing royals after soccer row
Hero or villain? Iraq's shoe thrower faces judgment
Clinton: North Korea succession a concern
Obama off to Canada to tighten ties
The politics of Chinese history
In Iraq, a shoe is not just footwear
Politkovskaya assassination: After acquittal, judge tells investigators to start over
Netanyahu gets nod to form new Israeli government
Anxiety in Massachusetts over softer marijuana law
Chinese Muslims stay stranded at Guantánamo
Guantánamo detention: How harsh is it?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion The Arab world's (uneven) progress
Opinion We need a truth commission to uncover Bush-era wrongdoing
The Monitor's View Obama threads a mortgage needle
Obama's big steps meet tepid response
Falling stock market pressures White House on banking fix
EPA expected to act on CO2 emissions
Saudi Muslim cleric warns that biofuels could be sinful
Microfinance can mean a lot to the environment
Horizon highlights – Low-tech/high-tech edition
Pictures at an Exhibition
Blue Clay People: Seasons on Africa’s Fragile Edge
Are comic books really at risk?
Was Iowa ever American Gothic?
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
An American Jew in Israel sees two sides to peace
Over the hedge
Thrown out the windows, or under the bus?
Lifting the Dow
A burst of spring blooms in the middle of winter
Garden 'siteseeng' around the Web