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Monitor Articles for February 2, 2009

How team of rivals could still save Zimbabwe
One Chavista explains how 'Father Chávez' brought dignity to Venezuela's poor
Where has Chávez taken Venezuela?
Iraqi vote expected to bolster Maliki
Nigerian militants scrap cease-fire, vow offensive
Mitchell gets earful from Mideast
Butterflying Phelps is just latest celebrity scalp for 'News of the World'
Meeting her: Karate-fighting Afghan actress doubles as real-life police officer
Can Obama boost cause for Afro-Latinos?
A blunt Newt Gingrich on Blago, Palin, and Limbaugh
GOP has new face, but brand has far to go
Zoinks! A Republican supports Obama's stimulus package
More flying shoe attacks - this time Chinese premier targeted
The Rod Blagojevich media tour continues! Up next: Letterman
Even Obama rips on Jessica Simpson? Nope.
Funds tighten for fighting AIDS and malaria worldwide
For island players, this is the 'Poly Bowl'
Letters to the Editor
Opinion What the cellphone industry won't tell you
Opinion Slowly, Bangladesh shows the world how change is possible
The Monitor's View Keep privacy in health records
In tough times, US consumers forging new behaviors
Senators want to alter stimulus
Community banking: Where people come first
Financial Q&A: How financial-aid picture changes by waiting to go to college
Biggest hit as GDP falls: American exports
Americans start to become savers again
Is Punxsutawney Phil responding to global warming?
Know your scopes
Google labels entire Web as 'malware,' Web labels Google as 'monopoly'
IBM gives robocalls some attitude
Praise Song for the Day
Monitor Books - Feb. 2, 2009
The Worst Hard Time
Narnia lives on
The town clock strikes 'ye olde' spending feel
A new book – yours for the taking
A daughter forges a trail of her own
In Zimbabwe, a priceless party
Debt – Love's way out
Seed bank for the world threatened by the poor economy
Great gardening expectations
Starting seeds under Christmas lights
Winners announced in the White House Farmer contest