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Monitor Articles for December 8, 2009

Eco-renovation Choosing an energy-efficient front door
'Balibo Five' film tests free speech in Indonesia
Fearing recession redux, Japan announces $81 billion stimulus package
What does North Korea want from US envoy visit to Pyongyang?
Pakistan terror attacks dent Lahore's safest city image
Pakistan attacks: Officials feed suspicion that India, US are to blame
Why Pakistan's old jihadis pose new threat – at home and in Afghanistan
Amid student protests, Iran widens net against opposition
Baghdad bombings: Iraqis demand security
Baghdad bombings: Can Maliki provide security ahead of key vote?
Northern Ireland: Ash tour hits the ABCs of rock 'n' roll
Climate change: Scientists say this decade likely hottest on record
Baghdad bombings takes annual toll to 1,243 in Iraq's capital alone
Kabul mayor, convicted for corruption, denies it's a problem
Gibbs slams Gallup poll showing record low approval for Obama
Far-left Democrats rule race for Kennedy’s Senate seat
Senators look for way to finesse healthcare public option
Candidates for Kennedy's Senate seat try to carry his mantle
Obama jobs plan: big ideas, but a big hole to fill in hiring
Nelson amendment fails, but healthcare abortion battle isn't over
Why Obama job creation plan focuses on small business
Was Obama’s promise of a post-partisan era ever possible?
Sarah Palin escapes flying tomato attack
After White House blast, Gallup defends its poll results on Obama
GOP blasts Harry Reid for slavery remark
Supreme Court takes case of student group that bars gay members
Mullen to marines: You have two years to turn tide in Afghanistan
Karl Eikenberry, once a skeptic, backs more Afghanistan troops
Recession's silver lining: falling divorce rate
Protest slogan on home pits zoning laws against free speech
Letters to the editor
Opinion The Copenhagen climate talks: It's time to consider 'how' to solve climate problems
Opinion In a Wikipedia age, should all ideas be free?
Opinion The patent system: End it, don't mend it
The Monitor's View Copenhagen, EPA, and climate change: Obama's false move
The Monitor's View Obama splits the difference on job creation
ECONOMIC SCENE: Is a currency transactions tax an answer to national budget woes?
From Marriott to Ernst & Young to General Mills, why some companies excel
Zhu Zhu Pets safe, US government says
Unemployed? Target the South with your job search.
After Zhu Zhu Pet mishap, GoodGuide revamps standards
Obama offers aid package to small business
Americans' attitudes toward the environment aren't reflected in action
Choosing an energy-efficient front door
A new step forward for robots
E.C. Segar: Why Popeye popped onto Google's homepage
Google Chrome for Mac unleashed, but only for Leopard and later
A Village Life
12/8/09 Monitor Books podcast, including an interview with Colum McCann, author of "Let the Great World Spin"
Growing Up Bin Laden
Is she safe? Tomatoes tossed at Sarah Palin on book tour
Young Poets Contest Rules
How do you say 'town hall meeting' in Mandarin?
Moving through the holidays with grace
Even when you don't follow the rules, compost happens
In Obama meeting, Turkey touts diplomacy for Iran nuclear program