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Monitor Articles for December 7, 2009

Why Bolivia reelected Evo Morales
Philippines' Arroyo draws criticism for martial law
Pakistan suicide attack ends lull in Peshawar
Climate change talks: What to look for at Copenhagen
Amanda Knox conviction: Italy strikes back at US complaints
Is Hiroshima memorial a fair legacy for Harry Truman?
Clock ticking as Copenhagen global climate change summit begins
Call from Obama seals Iraq election law
Iran protests met with beatings, tear gas as Green Movement adopts new methods
Obama seeks Turkey's support on Iran nuclear issue
Russian nightclub fire: Corruption behind Lame Horse tragedy?
Ireland, once a Catholic bastion, promises civil unions for same-sex couples
Difference Maker Saving cultural treasures in war-torn lands
Massachusetts' would-be senators roil healthcare abortion debate
Sarah Palin rises in polls as Obama slips, new surveys show
EPA rules that greenhouse gases are harmful to human health
Using TARP funds for job creation: creative or reckless?
Supreme Court takes up 'honest services,' or anti-corruption, law
Pearl Harbor Day 2009: three enduring mysteries
Opinion Translating the Bible is no joke. But what's in a political 'translation'?
Opinion At Copenhagen, the US should partner with India
The Monitor's View NATO steps up in Afghanistan
Bernanke speech: financial stability is returning
Zhu Zhu Pets unsafe? Hardly, says manufacturer, as consumer group backtracks.
Today's climate news
Plan to restore the Upper Missouri River could boost fish and cottonwood trees
Mark the Spot: iPhone app logs poor AT&T coverage
'JooJoo' razzed at $499 as CrunchPad litigation proceeds
Surviving Paradise
Monitor Books - Dec. 7, 2009
From book to film: How does "The Lovely Bones" fare?
Guest blog: Foodista launches a "crowd-sourced" cookbook
2009 Gift Guide
Appetizing hors d'oeuvres
Jerusalem and universal peace
Garden railways popular at holiday time, and year-round
Wild turkeys in the backyard