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Monitor Articles for December 30, 2009

Saying 'hi' is harder in a diverse society
Unlike 9/11, partisanship has worsened after Christmas attack
Court says US can stay mum about Guantánamo surveillance
Number of full-body scanners at US airports to triple in 2010
Federal court in California limits police use of Tasers
Mike Leach fired: Texas Tech coach's methods seen as cruel
No right to bear unlicensed machine guns, federal court says
Why can't US pig farmers profit from the pork revolution?
iSlate or iGuide? Tablet or ebook reader? Apple has many guessing.
Get paid to lie around. Is this the best job ever?
Gallup: Clinton narrowly beats Palin as 'most admired woman'
A US pipeline for jihad in Somalia?
Opinion Muslim Americans and US law enforcement: not enemies, but vital partners
Which states are facing the worst budget deficits in 2010?
Opinion Obama’s Race to the Top competition won’t fix public schools
A lost decade for stocks. Will next one be better?
Iran regime drums up its own crowds to oppose Green Movement
Europe warms to full body scanners at airports after Northwest bomb scare
Abdurrahman Wahid: Former Indonesia president was a key democratic voice
Release of British hostage Peter Moore in Iraq garners praise
Italy's Silvio Berlusconi changes his party's tune – literally
The Monitor's View Screen out useless reactions to Christmas Day attack
Why Prime Minister Putin may be throwing a wrench in US-Russia arms talks
Ramadi attacks: Is Iraq heading for more sectarian bloodshed?
Was 2009 the year of the short story?
New figures show (another) drop in Mexicans coming to the US
Not Quite Paradise
China reconnects Xinjiang region to the Web – very slightly
Israel opens second banned highway to Palestinians before Mitchell visit
Climate change and the providence of God