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Monitor Articles for December 24, 2009

Last-minute Christmas shopping: is it a guy thing?
Rajiv Shah takes helm of USAID as foreign aid is set to expand
Will Yemen air strike change view of Fort Hood shooting?
Oil prices top $78 a barrel - double the cost of a year ago
Will chicken litter and fly ash make the 'perfect' compost?
Santa tracker? NORAD and Google Maps show the way
Midwest's winter storm packs a wallop, vexing holiday travelers
Argentina's 'disappeared:' Justice at last or reneging on amnesty?
Mexico: Safety comes in pink taxis
Yemen's air strike on Al Qaeda may signal new US focus
'Tis the season for grace and charity, even in a Grinch economy
'Tis the season for grace and charity, even in a Grinch economy
Yemen air strike on Al Qaeda: Was cleric linked to Fort Hood shooting killed?
Obama Hawaii-bound after getting Christmas wish on health care bill
Early Christmas gift: US Army off-road vehicle built for Afghanistan
Global warming skepticism is fueled by public relations, author says
Pakistan reslices revenue pie: formula for unity?
Behind Israel-Hamas prisoner swap: Shalit family's influential campaign
Eco-renovation The Rumford fireplace - energy-efficiency rediscovered
The Rumford fireplace - energy-efficiency rediscovered
Opinion A customer-service miracle shows America at its best
A Japanese garden designed to be calm and reflective
Senate health care vote: 'defining' moment or 'abomination'?
Tsunami 2004: How 'Noah's Ark' saved 59 lives
Israel lets 300 Gazan Christians travel to Bethlehem for Christmas
Suicide bomber strikes northwest Pakistan, but police praised
Global warming will cause plants and animals to migrate
I vowed not to write another Bethlehem Christmas story
China decks the malls for Christmas shopping
Tsunami 2004: Aceh’s women carry on
When someone you love can't be home for Christmas