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Monitor Articles for December 22, 2009

Brazil custody case: David Goldman gets custody of son Sean
Skeptics dominate hearing on Guantanamo detainees in Illinois
Court-martial for pregnant soldiers? General backs off under fire.
Giuliani forgoes Senate, governor races to focus on enterprises
Cybersecurity czar's first task: reboot policy
Mexico drug war: Marine hero's family killed
Parker Griffith party switch: Will other Democrats follow suit?
Why community banks need Obama, and he needs them
Afghanistan war: Russian vets look back on their experience
US and Russia to miss deadline, again, on renewed START treaty
HP's 'racist' webcam: harbinger of motion-tracking troubles?
It’s official: Women definitely can't jump
Coming soon: a Christmas tree that won't shed its needles
Does Australia need a human rights code?
The city that said ‘no’
Italian nativity: Joseph, Mary, and Michael Jackson?
As health care reform bill advances, public support slips
San Jose police get ear-mounted video cameras in battle for image
Arrow Trucking: Is this any way to lay off workers?
Colombia's FARC captures governor, proves it's not a spent force
Can Nigeria, still without its president, avoid a political crisis?
Howard Schmidt, cybersecurity 'czar': Who is he?
Home sales rise in November, driven by tax break
Giuliani won't run for governor or Senate, reports say
Wall Street’s fingerprints evident on financial reform bill
Israel-Hamas deal on Gilad Shalit won't include an end to Gaza blockade
Looking for last-minute holiday sales? Don't count on 'em.
Air France crash still a mystery: new search for black boxes
The weather stick tells you if it's going to snow
Pakistan bombings by Taliban hit lower classes hardest
Opinion Letters to the editor
Difference Maker Bringing circus – and new hope – to a remote Arctic village
Fresh fighting in Yemen ignites refugee crisis
Mexico City move to allow gay marriage irks some residents
Opinion US-Pakistan partnership: Make it work for both sides
Eco-renovation Looking for energy-efficient alternatives to fireplaces
Looking for energy-efficient alternatives to fireplaces
Ahmadinejad adds fuel to Israel debate over Iran nuclear ambitions
Colombia launches US drones over Venezuela – or was that 'Santa's sleigh'?
Philippines Mayon volcano eruption: evacuees face a long wait
Did China sink Copenhagen talks? Bloggers weigh in.
Love's sole control
The Monitor's View Making sure the US Postal Service delivers