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Monitor Articles for December 18, 2009

Why is use of the death penalty going down?
‘Iranian Cyber Army’ hack of Twitter signals cyber-politics era
Copenhagen summit: Major powers broker compromise voluntary climate pact
Healthcare holdouts: Will Olympia Snowe be the 60th vote?
Intercepted drone video points to importance of cyber security
What recovery? Budget deficits get worse for states.
California voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana
How NATO hopes to undercut the Afghan Taliban
Nigeria's fuel crisis festers without a president in charge
Iran: Opposition gears up for 10-day showdown, possible Mousavi arrest
The Monitor's View Making universal broadband service a reality
West Bank: American-style college for Palestinians hopes students stay
As 'Operation Chokehold' nears, second thoughts abound
Monster snow storm augurs season of snowball fights, traffic snarls
30,000 more troops to Afghanistan – but how to get them there?
Iranian hacker attack: What will it cost Twitter?
Time out: Alabama judge delays trial for college football
Israel settlements: rabbis say soldiers' loyalty to God trumps army orders
Why Pakistan may be more willing to help US target Taliban than it appears
Religious freedom not the rule for majority of world: Pew report
A white White House Christmas looks likely as storm bears down
Senate Democrats sprint to vote on healthcare reform next week
Twitter hacked: 'Iranian Cyber Army' signs off with poem to Khamenei
Russia: Why Kremlin still pursues banished oil tycoon Khodorkovsky
End of the road for women's bookstores?
Mumbai attack suspect retracts his confession. Will it affect trial?
The Man in the Wooden Hat
Burma (Myanmar) military junta shows signs of thaw before elections
Sticking points for a Copenhagen global warming pact
Obama cracks the whip at Copenhagen global warming talks
Tensions mount among Pakistan leaders as anticorruption drive revives
US drones in Pakistan kill at least 20 in barrage of attacks
Opinion Goldman Sachs bonuses: more than just bad PR
Opinion The 2000s: a poor, nameless decade