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Monitor Articles for December 15, 2009

Guantanamo detainees on US soil: a legal minefield
Can Mullen get Pakistan to shut down its terrorist havens?
David R. Francis Could the US use a little protectionism?
Global warming talks inch toward accord - 'adaptation' cash a sore point
Illinois divided over news of incoming Guantanamo detainees
Golden Globe nominations tap 'Avatar' and 'Up' among others
What do we really learn from a crisis?
Boeing 787 Dreamliner: What's in it for passengers
URL shorteners abound:, join the likes of,,
Global Viewpoint Brazil’s President Lula on global warming: No delay at Copenhagen
Pakistan suicide attacks spike, but overall attacks are down
France: Bailout for newspapers? Sarkozy gives free youth subscriptions.
How I see you, veil or not
Kerry fundraising letter: Defeat Sarah Palin and Tea Parties
Bill of Rights Day: what Obama says about it
Obama's home energy-efficiency pitch: insulation is 'sexy'
Why is Obama at Home Depot? To get cash for caulkers going.
Opinion Tony Blair bombshell: how it reshapes the Iraq war debate
Yemen used lethal force to quell southern secession protests, says report
Why southern Yemen is pushing for secession
White House Christmas party: a 17-year-old's Nobel chat with Obama
Berlusconi aides blame Facebook, internet after attack
Eco-renovation More roofing options for an old-house renovation
More roofing options for an old-house renovation
Israel rejects UK war crimes warrant for Livni
Thousands evacuated as Philippines powerful Mayon Volcano threatens
The Monitor's View Obama and 'fat cat' bankers. It’s about more than lending.
Boeing 787 Dreamliner poised for first flight
Boeing 787: First flight lifts off today
Squid invasions signal changes in the Pacific Ocean
Mexico's artisan towns
Afghanistan mental health: Treatment caught between ancient and modern worlds
Global warming threatens Australia's beach life
Blind recall: How to check if your Roman shades are safe
Once mighty Iraq Air Force rebuilds – but pilots keep low profile
Showy poinsettias an easy way to brighten holiday homes
Guest blog: Best cookbooks of 2009
As US mulls Iran nuclear sanctions, Syria boosts ties with Tehran
Opinion Obama, health care, and the new road to serfdom
Opinion Health care reform: How Harry Reid could pull off a miracle
Opinion Israel is ready for peace. Are its neighbors?
Anne Frank
At Copenhagen global warming conference, alarms on ocean acidification
Kabul car bomb first major attack in capital in Karzai second term