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Monitor Articles for December 14, 2009

Federal budget: Congress's return to bad spending habits
Report: marijuana, prescription drug use up among teens
For Accenture, breaking up with Tiger Woods is hard to do
Obama presses 'fat-cat bankers' to lend, but has no real leverage
Afghanistan troops timeline gets its first revision
Joe Lieberman's line in the sand over Senate healthcare reform
A Child’s Guide to the Night
The e-reader generation speaks about e-books
Gifts that don’t gather dust
The Monitor's View A Tiger Woods lesson for the public: Infidelity hurts
Monitor Breakfast Beyond Obama's B+: How Democrats can hold the House in 2010
Supreme Court to look at employees' privacy rights
Ellie’s Christmas card
Climategate, global warming, and the tree rings divergence problem
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
North Korea weapons: How much slips through?
Inside the mind of Tim Burton
Christmas lights + Guitar Hero = Internet sensation
Iran protesters say torn Khomeini photos were staged
Prayer for the UN Climate Change Conference
Could a new Google phone, the Nexus One, challenge mobile service contracts?
Israel: Who will soldiers obey on settlements – Netanyahu or rabbis?
Supreme Court refuses case on Guantanamo detainees and torture
Sculptor puts new life into dead trees and sweet potatoes
Plenty of real-life drama over "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series
Afghanistan war: What success will look like
Abkhazia insists independence from Georgia assured after disputed election
Opinion Schwarzenegger: Beyond Copenhagen, global warming requires grassroots action
How many Christmas trees does it take to light up Washington?
Gaza border: Why Egypt is building a steel underground wall
Can Guinea avoid a violent power struggle?
Global warming: Are these the Top 10 species most at risk?
Why are big banks like Citigroup rushing to pay back TARP funds?
For China, Japan sets aside royal protocols
Difference Maker Healing the visible – and invisible – scars of war through flag football
Berlusconi attack reminds Italians of 'Years of Lead'
Opinion Obama can create jobs by modeling two good ideas
Opinion Obama: stand up for women's rights in Honduras
Opinion Letters to the editor
Raymond Carver: A Writer's Life
Copenhagen global warming talks suspended over rich-poor divide
Chile election: Conservative billionaire wins first round
America's celebrity obsession: Can't live with it or without it
After protests, Iran vows 'no mercy' over torn Ayatollah photos
North Korea weapons: Why did pilots stop for fuel in Thailand?