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Monitor Articles for December 11, 2009

Facebook privacy: Friend lists not public, after all
California sweep targets illegal immigrants with criminal records
US House passes sweeping financial overhaul
Will House-passed financial reform bill leave big risks?
After Tiger Woods's indefinite break, some sponsors might keep him
US Muslim group: Muslims must rally to counter radicalization
Geminid meteor shower tonight may be the best space show of the year
US, Poland status of forces pact deepens military cooperation
Drone aircraft in a stepped-up war in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Copenhagen global warming draft points to hard bargaining ahead
In Afghanistan war, marines' struggle to recruit locals could delay US exit
How low can Amazon go?
The Monitor's View The veil, the Koran, and the Muslim women's movement
Spain pressures Morocco over rights activist, reopening colonial wounds
Israel settlement freeze shields dismantling of illegal outposts
After the Taliban: Afghanistan's kids ready for education, but schools not
Angels in the trenches
Catholics face moral crisis between healthcare reform and abortion
The Monitor's View What to watch in the Afghanistan war: training the Afghan Army
Iraq oil fields: European, Asian firms win first contracts
Latino youth survey: Satisfied with lives in US, but lagging peers
Healthcare holdouts: Joe Lieberman won't budge on public option
Droid update review: Patch brings subtle, welcomed improvements
Should anthropologists help US military in Iraq, Afghanistan wars?
Consumer sentiment cheering up for holidays
House poised to vote on overhaul of financial regulation
Opinion The Princess and the Frog movie: Disney’s progress on race
Opinion Ayn Rand and America’s new culture war
And the Olympic gold goes to – the cubicle champion?
Dubai debt crisis: Why Egypt's economy may benefit
Firefighters in historic Supreme Court case finally promoted
New India state Telangana may fuel other statehood movements
North Korea: Will winter shortages intensify rights abuses?
Iran nuclear program: US, EU step up sanctions pressure