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Monitor Articles for December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day: South Africa to treat all HIV children
Sri Lanka Tamils: freed from camps, their votes may give them new clout
Afghanistan war: Soldiers from Iraq see more experienced militants
Top universities: Britain pushes Oxford and Cambridge to recruit more widely
Obama's speech on Afghanistan war: Will Europe send more troops?
John Demjanjuk, alleged Nazi death camp guard, goes on trial in Germany
Israel rejects European Union plan to divide Jerusalem
In Israeli settlements, residents and builders push back on 10-month freeze
Iran threatens detained British sailors
Kenya: Peasant with no formal schooling becomes paleontologist célèbre
Merge 11 time zones into 4? Russia's Medvedev asks, Why not?
Iran seizure of British yachtsmen spotlights stakes in Strait of Hormuz
Tareq and Michaele Salahi, White House partiers, not going away
Report: Obama's stimulus plan is creating new jobs
DC votes to allow gay marriage, but issue not settled
Atlanta's mayoral runoff may hinge on city's gay voters
Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon convicted of embezzling gift cards
Senate healthcare debate Day 2: partisan warfare by amendment
Supreme Court case: Florida v. beach property owners
Medical marijuana gains momentum – 13 states and counting
Seattle police ambush: cop-killing rampages up this year
Tiger Woods car crash breaks down his wall of privacy
Opinion Stupak, Hatch, and health care: Government shouldn't answer the abortion question
Opinion What's Obama's exit strategy for the Afghanistan war?
Opinion Swiss minaret ban: Can Europe learn to trust its Muslim citizens?
The Monitor's View Swiss minaret vote and vague fears about Islam
‘Buy local’ movement gives new life to corner stores
With Fritz Henderson gone, should an outsider head GM?
Want lower student loans? Study in Utah or Hawaii, study finds
Top 5 things to know about Scott Rothstein
Solar-powered Christmas lights – a festive way to go green
Outdoor cats are easy prey for coyotes
Robotic exoskeletons: Suited for superhuman power hides easter eggs, but IKEA did promo better
Barnes and Noble Nook ship date pushed to 2010
How to fix the Windows Black Screen of Death
Android developers are frustrated. Is that bad news for the Droid?
Wii sales sank on Thanksgiving week, Nintendo says
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Oops! A Twitter misstep in the book world
Booksellers leap into Cyber Monday bargain frenzy
Guest blog: Why it took me years to read 'Angela's Ashes'
In the Haut-Jura
Iran: healing the history of conflict
A fairy tale garden for a hobbit
Need an alternative to ivy or vinca? Try Goldflame spirea.