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Monitor Articles for November 4, 2009

Monitor Breakfast Huckabee: GOP tent can 'be big,' but NY-23 was a 'train wreck'
Did Honduras deal weaken Zelaya?
In Indonesia, police go toe-to-toe with anticorruption agency
Should Obama order Afghan war troop surge? Troops say maybe not.
Afghanistan's Abdullah calls Karzai confirmation 'illegal'
British MP calls for Afghanistan withdrawal as five UK soldiers are killed
Iran warns opposition on eve of 30th anniversary of US Embassy seizure
Israel moves to rein in right-wing extremists
Following murders, Israelis ask if immigration laws too lax
Iran protesters take to streets as regime marks 30th anniversary of US Embassy seizure
Iranian protesters, police clash on US Embassy takeover anniversary
China leading world in economic recovery
Obama brother emerges from quiet life in China to promote book
Italian court sentences 23 CIA agents in attack on rendition
West Bank: Palestinians' first planned city will offer modern space
US envoy meets Suu Kyi in trip to engage Burma (Myanmar)
Senate's holiday gift to workers: extended unemployment benefits
Carly Fiorina to take on Barbara Boxer for US Senate seat
Election results show Obama's political coalition unraveling
Atlanta mayoral race 2009 results are murky on race in politics
Maine vote a devastating blow to gay marriage
Schools sprinting to win Obama's Race to the Top billions
At White House, music to Michelle Obama's ears
Mayoral election results: incumbents squeak by
Election results hearten Republicans, deal blow to Obama
California lawmakers pass sweeping water reforms
Obama watched documentary last night? FOX botched this one...
Sesame Street -- 40 years of laughs, joy, and communism?
FOX admits blunder in reporting Obama watched documentary
UN General Assembly to take up Goldstone report on Gaza war crimes
North Korea can now build one more nuclear bomb
Federal judges pursue judicial pay dispute in appeals court
New LAPD chief known for innovative approach to gang violence
Recession, foreclosure, blight: It's a good time to be a city rat!
NASA's Messenger probe reveals new clues about Mercury
Opinion Four things Democrats must do to avoid defeat in 2010
Opinion GOP's Beck-Limbaugh wing misreads Hoffman's loss in New York
The Monitor's View How Tuesday's elections rang bells for both parties
Talk to the editor: Was the '09 election bad for Obama?
Cheat sheet for holiday airfare deals
NY attorney general v. Intel: tougher antitrust stance in US?
Big bird's birthday: Part of Google's charm campaign?
Four good green reads, from edible fashion to your pet's eco-pawprint
New Orleans in the forefront of a green building revolution
Electric SUVs: A smaller footprint for big vehicles
Big Bird goes Google for Sesame Street's 40th birthday
Sesame Street at 40: Our favorite clips
Duracell MyGrid billed as clutter killer
Goodbye, Honda Odyssey. Hello, Honda SkyDeck concept.
Don't forget the Wallace and Gromit Google doodle!
Microsoft layoffs hit again
The Bomb
In books, the rise of the overweight heroine
Guest blog: Social media and the cookbook
Horton Foote: The playwright's 'Odyssey' for modern times
Wait, there's more!
Life is not a circus, especially when driving
Hoop houses extend urban farmers' growing season
Variegated forsythia in the fall