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Monitor Articles for November 3, 2009

Eco-renovation Why choose a geothermal heating system?
Equatorial Guinea tests Obama vow to hold African leaders accountable
The big loser in the Honduras political crisis? The economy.
Karzai second-term goals: unity, stamping out corruption
Karadzic ends boycott of trial seen as key to Balkans closure
Italians outraged as European court rules against crucifixes
France's Sarkozy launches controversial national identity debate
Interview: How Salam Fayyad plans to save the Palestinian dream
Israel calls on Gulf states to aid Palestinians
Clinton's push for Arab democracy overshadowed by Israel stance
North Korea announces reprocessing of more nuclear weapons fuel
India: On 'Ladies Special' trains, there are no men to harass women
Why African countries are boycotting climate change talks
How does Simon Mann stack up among Africa's white mercenaries?
Who is Simon Mann?
Republican Senators boycott debate of climate change bill
Abortion issue could unravel House healthcare reform bill
Election Day November 2009: five things to watch
Atlanta mayoral race 2009: Why a white woman might win
Elections today: How mayor races stack up
Election Day November 2009: What will it mean?
Iran nuclear program: Clock is ticking as uranium collects
At Supreme Court: Can prosecutors be sued for framing defendants?
Afghanistan election is over. Will Obama make troop choice soon?
New LAPD chief's challenge: build on Bratton's legacy
Is fight against hunger a matter of security?
In Yankees-Phillies Game 5, Utley a home-run machine
Opinion Can Afghanistan be saved?
Opinion Michael Moore ignores capitalism's blessings
The Monitor's View On Iran and North Korea, Obama's nuclear-free vision is at stake
A frightful economy? Top 5 Halloween indicators.
Cash for clunkers: Real stimulus or political boondoggle?
Is global warming melting the ice on Mt. Kilimanjaro?
Why choose a geothermal heating system?
Oyster 'gardening' restores reefs after hurricane
Barnes and Noble Nook uses copyrighted technology, company says
iPhone off to a sluggish start in China
Why the TwitterPeek will almost certainly never take off
The Weezer Snuggie: instant awesome
Blockade noise isolating earbuds: Review round-up
Mentors, Muses & Monsters
Feather in the Storm
So exactly how many Sarah Palin books are there?
Iran: A refuge for World War II's refugees
Life in balance and under control
The Old Farmer's Almanac still resonates with readers
Community Supported Agriculture is great for farms, environment, and locavores