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Monitor Articles for November 2, 2009

The value of a Sarah Palin endorsement
Are Somalia's pirates linked to Al Qaeda?
Afghanistan election: Karzai win spurs plans to improve governance
Growing concern over Iraqi election impasse
Palestinian PM criticizes Clinton for letting Israel set peace agenda
In Pakistan, suicide blast kills 30 near military headquarters
Beijing gets early snow! Thank cloud seeding.
Germany: Time for Egypt's Nefertiti bust to go home?
North Korea warns US: negotiate or else
Difference Maker The need to feed hungry families cultivates new interest in gleaning
At stake in Maine vote: a potential first for gay marriage
Democrats fear triple blow on Election Day
One year after his election, what has Obama achieved?
Poll: Global warming is real, so do something, US voters say
US to Karzai on Afghan election: congratulations, now shape up
Afghanistan war decision: how Robert Gates thinks
Supreme Court declines to hear civil-rights era KKK case
Bay Bridge reopens with new precautions
Alex Rodriguez earns his keep in Game 4 of World Series
Opinion Want to cut emissions in the US? Change the discussion
Opinion Toast, fries, and kisses: Everything is better French
The Monitor's View 5 ways to move forward with (and without) Karzai in Afghanistan
ECONOMIC SCENE: On national debt, worries are bipartisan
Four financial innovations for a new generation
Without stimulus or clunkers, would economic growth smell as sweet?
ARPA-E - are its energy projects crazy or revolutionary?
Sizing up palm oil
How astronomers fill in uncharted areas of the universe
The first Motorola Droid sold in Europe? Call it a Milestone.
T-Mobile pushes Motorola Cliq into wide release
Apple's $30 a month TV subscription service? Not buying it.
What the Dog Saw
Monitor Books - Nov. 2, 2009
What's hot on iPhone? Books, books, books!
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Monsters of Folk: Making hits without the hype
Pigskin passion handed off
Prayer for Pakistan