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Monitor Articles for November 19, 2009

Eco-renovation Two big advantages of closed-loop geothermal systems
Nicaragua is latest in Latin America to reject term limits
On last stop of Asia tour, Obama targets Iran, North Korea
Afghanistan President Karzai inaugural: promises of clean cabinet
Iraq refugees face dwindling UN funds, creating concerns of unrest
Palestinians accuse Israel settlements of diverting water
Pakistan suicide bomb in Peshawar kills at least 19
Tony Blair loses EU presidency bid, Belgium's Van Rompuy wins job
Hong Kong: Developer profits off 'lucky' 88th floor apartment
Afghanistan President Karzai inaugural speech: top four points
Obama interview in China paper partly cut – censorship?
Would Peru lawmaker Keiko Fujimori free her jailed dad?
Five questions that could decide fate of healthcare reform bill
Obama in Asia? Healthcare reform? Nope. It's Sarah Palin week.
Senate OK's David Hamilton to be US appeals court judge
Iran nuclear deal collapses. Time for US to get tough?
Holder: 'Failure not an option' in New York 9/11 terror trial
New York divided over 9/11 terror trials
Fort Hood Senate hearings risk politicizing Hasan investigation
Lesson from foiled pirate attack on Maersk Alabama? Fire back.
Chicago schools get new tool in fight against youth violence
Army Corps liable for Katrina damage, US court finds
Flight delays fade as airports recover from computer glitch, FAA says
Obama’s new push for preschool for at-risk children
Opinion How China and the US can boost the global economy
Opinion Health care and illegal immigrants in America: why Mexico is the key
Opinion Obama, China, and wishful thinking about American jobs
The Monitor's View Karzai's inauguration and Obama's demand for action on corruption
Talk to the Editor for November 19: American foreign policy
Record 9.6 percent of homeowners are behind on their mortgages
On Black Friday sales 2009, can Amazon compete with Wal-Mart?
Um, Virginia, Santa's not getting his mail in North Pole, Alaska
'Going Rogue': Is Sarah Palin a creationist?
Two big advantages of closed-loop geothermal systems
Top five examples of Augmented Reality
Windows 7 sees 'fantastic' sales numbers
Modern Warfare helps buoy Q3 profits at GameStop
Forget the fangs. It's spam that should really scare 'Twilight' fans.
2009 National Book Award winners
November Dawn
Bad news: responding versus reacting
Gardeners love new plants even when they run out of space for them
Ways to overwinter tender succulent plants