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Monitor Articles for November 18, 2009

Maersk Alabama: Should ships use armed guards to stop Somali pirates?
Five new weapons the Maersk Alabama could use to foil pirates
Somalia's Islamist militants spill into neighboring countries
Obama bids China farewell with Great Wall tour, modest expectations
Obama in Korea: warmer welcome than in China, Japan?
Obama raps Israel over new Jerusalem settlement plan
Copenhagen climate change talks stall as CO2 emissions rise
Somalia to get EU training force to counter Islamist insurgents
World Cup qualifier: France gets a hand in win over Ireland
The president’s Thanksgiving Day proclamation, 2009
Maersk Alabama repels Somali pirates in second attack
The president's Thanksgiving Day proclamation
World Cup: Ireland vs. France has boys in green seeking miracle
Sarah Palin urges Israel settlement expansion, attacks Barack Obama
World Cup: Algeria vs. Egypt in tense one game playoff
West Bank: Al Jazeera loses love over Palestinian national anthem parody
Senate Democrats introduce $849 billion healthcare reform bill
Geithner: Jobs can't flow without bank loans for small businesses
Violence at Tea Party rally: bare-knuckle politics in the streets
Robert Byrd, longest-serving Congress member, a master historian
Does US need a second stimulus to create jobs?
Senate Democrats backing down on tough anti-abortion measure
Obama on critical trip to Asia – but will he read Sarah Palin's new book?
US cool to bald declaration of an independent Palestine
US 'dismay' at expansion of Israeli settlement in Jerusalem
US Army suicides on track to hit new high in 2009
Fort Hood: How Nidal Malik Hasan's path turned more radical
Opinion Twilight and New Moon: sexual longing in a world of vampire abstinence
Opinion The Fed is foolishly weakening the dollar
The Monitor's View Middle East peace: Can Palestinians do an end run around Israel?
New tale of Detroit's woe: Pontiac Silverdome sold for $583,000
ECONOMIC SCENE: If Obama needs revenue, why not tax corporations' international profits?
Eggo waffles: Kellogg allots scarce supply
Housing starts: Don't panic over October's plunge
Wal-Mart Black Friday sales for 2009: The story behind the leak
Did 2008 Wenchuan quake strike because China filled a reservoir?
Earth Talk – Little cigarette butts make big litter impact
Modern Warfare 2 grosses $550 million in first five days
Google phone rumors put damper on Droid buzz
The Original of Laura
Safe Passage
Guest blog: "Twilight" moves into "Nightlight"
Rallying the troops, tallying their losses
What humility does for leadership
A city farmer faces the challenges of urban gardening
How to place rocks around water gardens