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Monitor Articles for November 16, 2009

Australia's Rudd apologizes to forced child migrants
Obama's town hall talk in China – not seen on Facebook, YouTube
The man leading Afghanistan's anti-corruption fight
Taliban bomb Peshawar in response to Pakistan offensive
At UN food summit, Ban Ki-moon warns of rise in child hunger deaths
Iran nuclear program faces setback from Russian reactor delay
UN nuclear watchdog: Can’t rule out other Iran enrichment sites
Israel minister threatens to annex West Bank land
Egypt: A $10 down payment to find a spouse
Difference Maker People making a difference: Batdorj Gongor
Sarah Palin: 'Going Rogue,' making dough
Biblical anti-Obama slogan: Use of Psalm 109:8 funny or sinister?
Sarah Palin on Oprah Winfrey Show: Five best outtakes
Iran nuclear program: UN's first look inside secret site at Qom
Supreme Court: Miami school can ban book on Cuba
Washington Redskins can keep team name; Supreme Court refuses native Americans' suit
Colts vs Patriots 2009: Pass the smelling salts - to Belichick, too
Shuttle launch: Atlantis readies for liftoff
China leads surge of foreign students into US colleges
Opinion Palin's populist book tour won't help GOP
Opinion Obama's 'nuclear option' on China's yuan
The Monitor's View Sarah Palin as perpetual outsider in US politics?
How Facebook improves online conversation
Black Friday 2009 Wal-Mart ad: Some people know what's in it
ATT net service halted by cut fiber cable
The economics of ecosystems
Three good green reads – futuristic cars, solar power from space, and wind power from on high
Earth Talk - Little is known of hard-to-track orcas
How much water is on the moon?
Modern Warfare 2 apparently nixed by Russian authorities
Unfriend: Oxford's 2009 Word of the Year
Can Nintendo Wii Fit really get you into shape?
Leonid meteor shower times: When you should look skyward
Verizon Droid makes a strong first week showing
Eating Animals
Monitor Books - Nov. 16, 2009
All Sarah Palin, all the time
Museum of Chinese in America opens in New York
Social networking and the influence of thought
Unemployed workers learn to grow their own food
Take advantage of bargain bulbs with this trick