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Monitor Articles for November 10, 2009

Eco-renovation Benefits of energy-efficient windows
Eritrea: Africa's version of North Korea?
Was clash of North, South Korean navies timed to Obama visit?
German children: What do they know about the Berlin Wall?
Lebanon's Hariri, Hezbollah form new government
Iran's Ahmadinejad: Capitalism is dead
As Netanyahu meets Obama, Israel ex-general offers Hamas talks
North Korean, South Korean navies trade fire on disputed border
In the Iraq war, Christians pushed to the brink
Italy: The latest fashion – blue socks against Berlusconi
Why is Israel's Shimon Peres in Brazil and Argentina? Iran.
Fort Hood shooting: Was Nidal Malik Hasan inspired by militant cleric?
Editor who led independent journalism in China resigns
Poll: California voters would rebuff budget reforms
Are Democrats nearing civil war over healthcare reform?
Dan Pfeiffer to replace Anita Dunn, Fox News takes parting shot
Is Russia playing both sides on Iran nukes?
Netanyahu visit: dim prospects for Middle East peace talks
At Supreme Court, no accord over life sentences for juveniles
John Allen Muhammad, D.C. sniper, loses Supreme Court appeal
Four hackers indicted in $9.4 million ATM heist
What did the Army know about Fort Hood's Nidal Malik Hasan?
Will a longer school day help close the achievement gap?
Which cities are the safest for pedestrians? Which are dangerous?
Fort Hood suspect: Portrait of a terrorist?
Which states are innovative in education? A new report card.
Opinion Hate reading text online? There IS a better way...
Opinion Obama, West, reread Fukuyama to the end, and look East
Opinion Health cooperatives: a fast lane to nationalized health care
The Monitor's View On Veterans Day, student vets deserve backup
Scientists prove that Mom was right
Dodd bill aims to simplify the patchwork of bank regulation
Small business: tight credit makes job creation tough
What's behind rising oil prices?
Maclaren stroller recall: Should you still use your stroller?
Home values rise in 30 cities: Is your city one of them?
Is Modern Warfare 2 killing office productivity?
Why is Earth's upper atmosphere cooling?
Benefits of energy-efficient windows
The secret life of ancient trees
Modern Warfare 2 review roundup
RFID on the next iPhone? Why?
Sesame Street Google doodles coming to a close?
Google: Free WiFi at airports this holiday season
Rupert Murdoch: Get lost, Google
Crude World
Angela's Ashes
Mary Karr: the buzz about "Lit: A Memoir"
Kindle for PC and then maybe Kindle in color?
Greatness begins and ends with God
Black plants are weird and wonderful
Showy plants, excellent design make a fall garden great