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Monitor Articles for October 9, 2009

Presidents and the irresistible urge to record themselves
UN climate talks: rich and poor countries spar on their roles
Bomb in Pakistan's Peshawar sharpens prospect of military showdown
Local Ladakhi films trump India's Bollywood in Himalayas
Pakistan on Nobel Peace Prize: Why now when war isn't over?
Russia on Nobel Peace Prize: Obama thawing 'second cold war'
Turkey and Armenia take step toward diplomatic ties
Syria on Nobel Peace Prize: praise for reaching out
Israel on Nobel Peace Prize: Hopes for progress
Colombia: Uribe sees corruption in attack that freed rebel
How world views Obama Nobel Peace Prize
Obama's Nobel Peace Prize hailed and questioned
The international politics behind Obama's Nobel Peace prize
Amid student apartments, some lobby for historical site: the Clinton home
Senate in the home stretch on its healthcare reform bill
Obama's Nobel Peace Prize raises stakes for agenda
Washington, D.C. moves toward legalizing gay marriage
Obama good enough for Nobel Peace Prize, but not Arizona State
Obama joins 3 other US presidents who have won the Nobel Peace Prize
Obama Nobel Peace Prize -- Obama's remarks (full text)
Glenn Beck suddenly coy about whether he’ll get flu shot
US to give Pakistan $1.5 billion a year - with strings attached
High end of troop request for Afghanistan: 60,000-plus
More troops in Afghanistan? Naysayers gain clout with Obama
Obama Nobel Peace Prize: an award for vision if not accomplishment
US officials combat public's wariness of swine flu vaccine
Opinion Should we even have a Columbus Day?
Opinion Talk to Hamas now or fight new radicals indefinitely
The Monitor's View Obama's Nobel Peace Prize hangs with a heavy weight
Which airports have the least delays?
Universities try innovative ways to get grads jobs
What will it take to bring back 7 million jobs?
Money Daily Brief: US trade deficit narrows unexpectedly
Floating house could ride New Orleans' floods
After moon bombing, search for water begins
NASA Moon bombing: Did NASA really drop a bomb on the moon?
Barnes & Noble set to challenge the Amazon Kindle
Obama Nobel Peace Prize chatter floods Twitter
Moon bombing video, photos hit Web
'The Office' wedding a YouTube homage
Sites buckle under Obama Nobel buzz
The Matt Holliday error and why 'white towels' defense doesn't fly
The Children's Book
Draft created on October 9, 2009 at 12:00 pm
The Next Architect
See the only available film footage of Anne Frank
NASA moon 'bombing' a plunge into the mystery of lunar water
NASA moon bombing successful. Did we find water?
Madeleine Albright: Read My Pins
Review: 'The Damned United'
Review: 'Disgrace'
Review: 'Couples Retreat'
Review: 'An Education'
How to lose flu and 'catch' health
Plants are the stars of nature aquariums
How to choose a pump for a small water feature