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Monitor Articles for October 6, 2009

Uganda touts capture of top Rwanda genocide suspect
North Korea ready for six-party talks – with caveat
India prepares new assault on its 'biggest threat'
'Code Pink' rethinks its call for Afghanistan pullout
Pakistan Taliban's new leader shows he's in charge
Britain's Cameron – prime minister-in-waiting?
Geithner: Be vigiliant of terror financing risk from Iran banks
Mexico: World's fastest-growing bellies meet state slimming diet
New poll finds Obama has already rebuilt America's global brand
African backlash against international courts rises
Mike Castle to vie for Biden's Senate seat, maybe against Beau
Obama to lawmakers: Many won't like my Afghanistan decision
To restore jobs to the economy, what can Obama do?
Fallout from Honduras's presidential crisis – in Washington
Secret Iran nuclear report: 'Project 110' and other mysteries
Supreme Court questions animal cruelty law
McChrystal's Afghanistan comments: insightful or sedition?
Brett Favre, now a Viking, lights up Green Bay
Vikings vs. Packers: Favre makes Monday night pure theater
New York to fight terrorism with more street-corner cameras
How US schools aim to handle swine flu
Opinion The future of Israel?
Opinion A Muslim solution for Afghanistan
The Monitor's View Congress needs McChrystal's candid advice on Afghanistan
Affordable housing a boon for social investors
Panic leads to dollar dump, investors seek refuge in gold
ECONOMIC SCENE: Did Obama's stimulus plan work?
Retail report: holiday sales to drop this year
Money Daily Brief: Thin holidays for US retailers
Stop burning fossil fuels now to warm Earth later?
Tuna’s plight is a problem the world must solve
There's a map for that: New Verizon ad one-ups AT&T
Under siege from phishers, Microsoft blocks some Hotmail accounts
AT&T pulls a 180 on iPhone Internet calls
Looking for a bargain? Try searching Ask Deals.
Are you happy? Facebook wants to know.
Find Chuck Norris? Not on Google, you won't.
The Boys Are Back
"Wolf Hall" by Hilary Mantel takes 2009 Booker prize
'Little Women and Werewolves': a step too far?
To comfort those touched by the tsunami
Candy from the garden
Tree logic turns trees upside down