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Monitor Articles for October 31, 2009

Tea Party Express jubilant as Scozzafava exits in NY-23
Lou Dobbs takes flak from many directions. He fires back too.
Maine's vote on gay marriage draws national attention fires back at White House cash-for-clunkers slam
Sarah Palin pleased that Scozzafava drops out of New York race
A White House Halloween: Obamas turn White House into Orange House
Hey, let's go trick or treat at the White House!
Iran nuclear deal: why the haggling might be different this time
On Halloween, many sex offenders must post 'No Candy Here' signs
California may pull the plug on power-guzzling flat-screen TVs
LAPD chief Bratton leaves a police force transformed
Big winner on economic stimulus and jobs is ... Puerto Rico?
Google logo celebrates Halloween 2009 with trick or treat doodle
Happy Halloween! Bing celebrates Halloween with Vampire Bat
Google Halloween versus Bing Halloween. Who wins?
My Paper Chase