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Monitor Articles for October 30, 2009

Eco-renovation Reasons to hire a green renovation expert
China, eager for oil, expands investment in Nigeria and Guinea
Honduras deal: Ousted President Zelaya can return to office
US and Colombia sign accord for US to access military bases
Honduras deal a boost for US influence in Latin America
Is hydrogen the future? This car goes 0 to 60 in 12 seconds.
South Korea invests big in green industry – or does it?
Rising tide of asylum-seekers: Will Australia let them in?
Iraq: US military contractor burns recyclables, violating contract
Clinton: Hard to believe Pakistan can't find Al Qaeda
In Pakistan, Clinton fails to charm professional women
Virginia governor's race: how Obama may figure in it
New Jersey governor's race: Obama’s 11th-hour pitch for Corzine
Oops! File-sharing foul-up leaks ethics dirt on lawmakers
New book: Bill's presence kept Hillary Clinton off the ticket in 2008
Gavin Newsom quits California governor's race - Moonbeam stands alone
Homecoming rape: When do bystanders become accomplices?
Michael Jackson's legacy: Who has the right to profit?
Terror arrests compel US Muslims to talk about their faith
Which states have the highest standards for students?
Government's swine flu response: a factor in health reform?
Fatal coyote attack: How dangerous are coyotes?
For Pedro Martinez, déjà vu in loss to the Yankees
Al Qaeda sleeper agent sentenced to eight years in prison
Coast Guard crash: Massive search on for missing nine
Opinion Israel expects negotiations with Iran to fail
Opinion Don't rush the Afghan debate
Opinion Schools shun Obama yet let sales firms prey on students
The Monitor's View How to find a better stimulus for US jobs
Economic stimulus: which states have gained the most jobs
Stimulus saved or created 650,000 jobs, White House claims
Americans' income and spending drop, despite stimulus
Top 5 scariest Halloween costumes from Wall Street
Cash for clunkers poem: Oh clunker, my clunker!
Fall in salaries, wages hurting consumer spending
How to have a green Halloween
Americans are getting better at water conservation
Reasons to hire a green renovation expert
The origin of that terrible Monster Mash song
How 'Paranormal Activity' became the most profitable movie ever
Google's fade-in homepage confuses
Could lack of Wi-Fi slow iPhone sales in China?
Twitter readies Lists feature for launch
NASA Ares 1-X coverage: Ares rocket damaged after launch
20 Halloween songs that are better than 'The Monster Mash'
The Lacuna
The Muslim Next Door
Movie review: 'Skin'
Movie review: 'Visual Acoustics'
Movie review: 'The Yes Men Fix the World'
Celebrate light today
Michigan church tends a garden to feed the hungry
A waterfall that really rocks