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Monitor Articles for October 28, 2009

US, China militaries talk more: Does that make world safer?
Massive car bomb targets more civilians in Pakistan
Taliban attack UN Kabul guesthouse in attempt to upend Afghan runoff
Missile shield shift opens common ground for Russia and US
Italian women protest Berlusconi's sexist quips
Does J Street arrival signal a split in America's Israel lobby?
The new US point man on war crimes: Stephen Rapp
Somali pirates say they have British couple hostage
Hamas lashes out at Abbas. Palestinian elections in doubt
US defense bill approves money for Sons of Afghanistan
Chinese urbanites drop chopsticks for 'Western' food
Matthew Hoh resigns to stir debate on Afghanistan. Mission accomplished.
US defense bill approves money for Sons of Afghanistan
India: In gentrifying village, any boy can mud wrestle mano a mano
People making a difference: Jose Bright lifts South African education, one student at a time
Obama signs bill expanding hate crimes to sexual orientation
Executive pay: How much say should Obama 'czar' have?
Who is Edward Brooke?
Women's Conference hails groundbreaking Shriver Report
FBI arrests two Chicago men for Danish terror plot
Long to-do list for new US parks chief
Wayward pilots' licenses revoked, but larger questions remain
Letters to the editor
Opinion Standardized tests are not the answer. I know, I graded them.
Opinion My search as a cop for justice in a flawed criminal system
The Monitor's View A public option isn't the only hot healthcare issue
Talk to the editor: More US troops for Afghanistan?
America's worst commutes
Report: Cash for Clunkers was a lemon
Could economists give pitchers a World Series edge?
Foreclosure surprise: 10 fastest-growing problem cities are newcomers
Does the World Series make an economic mark?
Want to go green? There's an iPhone app for that.
NASA's Ares 1-X launch: 'How cool was this?'
Beginner's guide to Skype
Change it back, Facebook! I beg thee.
Droid phones countdown draws to a close
NASA Ares 1-X launch waits on the weather
Twitter slur lands Larry Johnson in hot water
NASA's Ares 1-X rocket finally gets off the ground
NASA's Ares 1-X set for another launch attempt today
The Tin Drum
The Spy Who Came In From the Cold
Margaret Atwood and the totally "green book tour"
Review: 'Michael Jackson's This Is It'
How hope lost its confidence
There is no 'outer' space
When to water plants