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Monitor Articles for October 26, 2009

South Africa: Should white students who made racist video be reinstated?
Diamond sales sparkling in China
Light sentence for disgraced Korean cloning scientist
Karadzic boycotts own trial
Iraq bombings: US military spokesman praises Iraqi response
Gaza: Hamas tightens, then backs off, Islamic social strictures
In Afghanistan, NATO helicopter crashes kill 14 Americans
Afghanistan runoff: Abdullah wants election chief sacked
Egypt: American University opens in desert. New Cairo to follow?
Sean Penn and Fidel Castro? The actor's top 5 forays into journalism.
Uruguay election: Ex-guerrilla, rival to face presidential runoff
Difference Maker This Thai crime investigator is no friend to the 'big shots'
Bloomberg spends record $85 million in New York mayor's race
Senate healthcare bill revives public option. But can it pass?
Comedians slow to take jabs at Obama, but gloves are off now
Bid to impeach Gov. Mark Sanford begins Tuesday
Obama golfs with female after media criticism. Coincidence?
Helicopters crash: Afghanistan takes heavy toll on US choppers
Should nations fly to the moon together?
Milestones in space
A private space industry is born
Russia becomes the world's taxicab to space
Yankees win the pennant, face Phillies in World Series
Opinion The key to Obama's success in China: young people
Opinion Why teach the arts? Art inspires learning
The Monitor's View Baghdad bombings – incentive to move forward on elections
ECONOMIC SCENE: More spending on Afghan war could hurt the dollar
Lost your job? Documentary details layoffs' sweet side
Five things you don't know about top MBA programs
Top 5 lessons Americans learned from recession
BCS rankings: Top 25 teams by the dollars
Could water scarcity cause international conflict?
More heat, humidity coming to southern California, scientists predict
One climate-change report card
How to keep track of climate change
GeoCities, a relic of an different web era, shuttered by Yahoo
Vevo turns up the volume on pre-launch preparations
The NASA Ares 1-X rocket is set for launch -- but watch those clouds!
CERN's LHC 'big bang' machine back in the particle biz -- sort of
New BlackBerry Storm 2 smartphone extends Verizon's reach
Netflix on PS3? Yep, but not without special disc.
10/26/09 Monitor Books podcast
Monitor Books - Oct. 26, 2009
Can you love a book, yet revile its author?
Guest blog: Nerd-like author as matinee idol?
Who owns an artist's legacy?
Sophisticated puppetry draws young and old in month-long Chinese festival
Six Picks: Recommendations from theater critic Christopher Wallenberg
Salmon: the king of fish
'Angels' food' for East Africa
Growing fruit trees - tales of pilfered pears and frozen apples