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Monitor Articles for October 23, 2009

Turkey's talks with Armenia test ties with gas-supplier Azerbaijan
Could IRA splinter groups bring back Northern Ireland's Troubles?
Russia's last independent TV stations to move into Kremlin-owned studios
NYT reporter David Rohde's kidnapping account: Lessons for Afghanistan policymakers?
Israel Supreme Court: Open 'apartheid' road to Palestinians
Iran nuclear deal on hold as Tehran misses deadline
Karadzic war crimes trial to go forward, despite boycott
Cabbagetown: Atlanta's Appalachian families keep traditions alive
Who is Nick Griffin?
In Prague, Biden shops toned-down missile shield to Czechs, Poles
The Fox News war: What's the upside for Obama?
Stimulus' big boost to the economy? It already happened.
New video stokes ACORN controversy
Did Larry Langford bet Birmingham's future on Wall Street scheme?
Obama nets $600,000 for Gov. Deval Patrick's war chest
Did Birmingham mayor bet city's future on a Wall Street scheme?
Obama family portrait released (First Dog banned from photo)
Obama's Afghanistan policy isn't 'dithering.' It's 'reckless.'
When the heck does Daylight Saving Time end?
No White House reaction on Northwest Airlines pilots' flub
NATO backs McChrystal's Afghanistan strategy
Iraq election stalemate could delay US troop withdrawal
Tarek Mehanna's father denies terrorism charges against his son
Soupy Sales, slapstick pioneer
Somer Thompson lived near 161 sex offenders. Is that number high?
US strikes at Mexican cartel's drug-and-gun trade
Opinion The fair way to judge golf: as a model for life
Opinion University blasts in Pakistan and the future of Islam
The Monitor's View Obama's drive for US global-warming law
Home sales surge in September; median price dips to $174,900
Foreclosure activity slows in California as banks hold back
With strong earnings and Windows 7, is Microsoft back?
Top 10 banks for rainy day savings
Four reasons US manufacturing could shine
Earth Talk – free water from your roof
Augustine report: tough choices ahead on human spaceflight
Symphonies gingerly embrace digital performers
Droid details, photos leaked by Motorola
NASA's Ares 1-X rocket is looking good for Tuesday launch
Windows 7 parade dampened by new Apple ads
Facebook rolls out revamped news feed
Soupy Sales -- YouTube remembers
Only in Japan: The Burger King Windows 7 Whopper
Generosity: An Enhancement
Storm Front
Is Rebecca James the next J.K. Rowling?
Review: 'Motherhood'
Review: 'Amelia'
Review: 'Antichrist'
Review: 'Araya'
Trust your instruments
This crocus blooms in autumn
Five small water plants for containers
A 6-foot marigold repels deer