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Monitor Articles for October 20, 2009

The night I met the Addams Family
Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai asks region to rein in Mugabe
Honduras crisis rips open public divides
Half a century apart, Koreans meet briefly at border reunions
Rivals China, India in escalating war of words
China vows to save crew held by Somali pirates. But how?
Ambani brothers' feud over gas prices hits energy-starved India
Afghanistan election runoff poses daunting challenges
Vatican welcome to Anglicans boldest move since Reformation
US scientist Stewart Nozette charged with trying to sell secrets to Israel
Twin blasts hit Islamabad as Pakistan continues Waziristan offensive
Afghanistan election: 'Coefficient of fraud' joins 'hanging chad' in lexicon of vote disasters
Japan: In land of avid TV watchers, American dramas steal the show
Italian tax amnesty could bring $150 billion home, but at what price?
Obama stakes Democrats to first fundraising lead since 2004
Who will rein in healthcare costs? Don't look to Congress.
Most gun owners think Obama wants to take away their weapons
Once bumped by Barack, Michelle Obama continues gratitude tour
Sarah Palin on Oprah Winfrey's show? You betcha'
Runoff a test for Afghanistan: Is Karzai a reliable partner?
Death penalty is too expensive for states, study finds
Supreme Court to hear appeal of Uighurs still at Guantánamo
Opinion Our flag is not a prop
Opinion Biden's task in eastern Europe: Reassurance
The Monitor's View A federal misstep with medical marijuana?
Talk to the Editor: Scheduling change
Poverty is up, but how much? Census tells two stories.
Time to fix up your house? The price of materials is rising.
Money Daily Brief: Troubled Galleon sees redemptions soar
Has global cooling begun?
An underwater meeting considers climate change
Make way for meteors! The Orionids are coming!
With new iMac video, Apple ditches keynote (for good?)
Flickr down after update hits "snag in the road"
Apple Magic Mouse wows without wires, wheel
Meteor shower tonight! Orionid meteor shower begins at 1 am
Droid release date set by Verizon for end of October
Move over space shuttle; here comes the NASA Ares 1-X
Barnes and Noble Nook gets a reception fit for a king
The Pattern in the Carpet
The Zookeeper's Wife
The Barnes & Noble Nook: One step better than Kindle?
Defense against seasonal illness
Plant daffodils now for a springtime of color
October gardening