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Monitor Articles for October 2, 2009

A government vault worthy of Dan Brown's attention
Q&A: Guinea military junta leader, Cpt. Moussa Dadis Camara
Rio wins 2016 Olympics: Samba and joyous spontaneity hint at what's in store
In shift, Honduras looks to itself to break leadership impasse
South America: Will defense spending trigger an arms race?
Rio de Janeiro wins out as host of 2016 Olympics
Rescuers scramble to find Indonesia earthquake survivors
Amid Samoa tsunami's devastation, tales of survival
Afghans criticize UN's strong hand in their election
Nuclear talks: Iran agrees to meet US, world powers twice more in October
Israel's captured youths: Gilad Shalit and a Palestinian girl with braces
Palestinians drop endorsement of Goldstone report on Gaza war
South Africa: How do you click 'taxi' in Zulu? This Texan knows.
Gilad Shalit video airs in Israel, and online, after prisoner release
Iran promise to send nuclear fuel abroad: A major concession?
Obama’s Olympic flop: Was trip to boost Chicago’s bid a mistake?
Senate Democrats backpedal on health insurance mandate
Sen. John Ensign scandal gets deeper with allegation of lobbying misdeeds
It was Uncle Sam who first gave Iran nuclear equipment
Obama says Iran must take 'concrete steps' on nuclear issues
Is Iran hiding other secret nuclear sites?
Lesson of Letterman extortion, other blackmail cases: come clean
Will 2016 Olympics really be a prize for the host city?
Opinion Oh, give me a home without a subsidized loan
Opinion Forget Afghanistan. Let's nation-build at home first.
The Monitor's View Top 10 reasons why David Letterman's sex saga is not funny
CIT announces survival plan. But are lenders out of the woods yet?
US job losses worse than expected, unemployment now 9.8 percent
Not safe from layoffs in this recession: the public sector
Money Daily Brief: Unemployment falls in Japan
US national parks endangered by climate change
Yuba River accord won’t end West’s water wars, but it’s a start
Developing world's energy needs set stage for fight
Video: Pickle as OLED? MIT professor explains.
Why don't pregnant women tip over? Ask an Ig Noble winner.
Google logo pays homage to Gandhi
Report: Rocky month for upstart Bing
Nintendo Wii Fit has gone to the dogs
In the Falling Snow
Unusual teaser for Stephen King's "Under the Dome"
Movie review: 'A Serious Man'
Movie review: 'Capitalism: A Love Story'
Movie review: 'Whip It'
Movie review: 'The Invention of Lying'
The indestructible forces of goodness
In the Southwest, mesquite pods are a tasty treat
A different kind of impatiens in the garden