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Monitor Articles for October 17, 2009

Frankfurt book fair's controversial guest of honor: China
After the fall of the wall: Germans long to downsize their role
Pakistan makes thrust into Taliban territory
Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I don't take orders from anybody.
Tea Party insurgency marches into key states
Balloon boy story may be a lot of hot air
The White House’s ‘ironic’ Mao moment? Glenn Beck doesn’t get it.
Will healthcare reform mean cuts in Medicare for seniors?
Obama's Nobel Peace Prize becoming a political lead weight
Louisiana interracial marriage case revives southern stereotypes
Pumpkin carving designs -- the political edition
Australian baby hit by train survives - no politicians take credit
Balloon boy charges are imminent - Twitter reacts with joy (mostly)
Iran's nuclear disclosures: why they matter
Will Taliban attacks in Pakistan sway Obama's war decision?
Electronic cigarettes: In need of FDA regulation?
Alaska oil's new 'Gulf of Mexico'
Wolf Hall
Have A Little Faith