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Monitor Articles for October 15, 2009

Monitor Breakfast Levin: In Afghanistan, US should focus on training local forces
Eco-renovation Photo Gallery: Sheep Dog Hollow - framing a green dream home
Arrest of Mugabe rival threatens Zimbabwe's unity government
Released, American father still faces uphill child custody battle in Japan
Blame game intensifies over Philippines typhoon response
Fresh Pakistan attacks underscore reach of Taliban
Iraqi-Syrian crisis deepens; Baghdad looks to UN for help
As UN weighs Goldstone report, Israel debates next step
Global warming opens new Arctic shipping lane
Obama Afghanistan troop surge decision may come soon
In Gaza, Mia Farrow highlights children's plight – and their hope
Switzerland: Male band that's never been to US sings Ella Fitzgerald tunes
Brazil: Former 'terrorist' gets US travel visa, praises Obama
UNICEF: Powerhouse China ranks high for poverty-related diseases
Seniors on Social Security likely to get a bonus check
On New Orleans visit, Obama makes time for gumbo
Hillary Clinton is more popular than Obama, Gallup finds
Healthcare reform adds to troubles of Senators Reid and Dodd
Five things New Orleans wants from Obama
Meghan McCain Twitter photo: Republicans should be cheering
Barbs fly at UN Security Council over Gaza report
D.C. Decoder: What do photos of Iran nuclear site tell US?
Case of runaway convert leads to Muslim-Christian clash
No improvement for fourth-graders on national math test
Opinion Why defeating the Taliban is key to stopping Al Qaeda
Opinion A Facebook lesson for churches
Opinion The ally the British love to hate
The Monitor's View Obama's salute to a New Orleans charter school
Talk to the Editor with John Yemma for October 15: Iraq
Here's where stimulus money is putting people to work
Bosses Day 2009: Is your boss tops?
Foreclosures rise. Big banks show profits. How can that be?
Job hunting? This week's Top 7 intriguing offers.
Money Daily Brief: Jobless claims fall
Environmental problems need a holistic approach
Arctic Ocean meltdown: Say goodbye to the Arctic ice cap
Photo Gallery: Sheep Dog Hollow - framing a green dream home
Leasing the sun
The future of college may be virtual
How soon will TechCrunch unveil the CrunchPad Tablet?
BlackBerry Storm 2: Review roundup
Google to roll out online bookstore by 2010
Icon A5 aircraft billed as an aeronautical 'game-changer'
Meghan McCain Twitter photo: online overshare 101
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Bestselling paperback books, according to IndieBound*
Bestselling children's books, according to IndieBound*
Bestselling hardcover books, according to IndieBound*
Ester and Ruzya
Spike Jonze takes "Where the Wild Things Are" from book to film
The heart of Latin art
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Carrots Considered
A sense of language rooted in lived experience
His name was Dorothy
A return to roots
Safe at gunpoint
How to draw a landscape design