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Monitor Articles for January 8, 2009

Ghana's new president: Africa's symbol of a working democracy
Lower oil prices curtail Chávez's global, domestic influence
Narcotraffickers attack Televisa, Mexico's top TV network
To lift economy, China urges citizens to spend more
Israel finds more sympathy in Europe
Can Egypt broker truce in Gaza once again?
As war winds down, will Iraq's progress hold steady?
British intelligence chief: Terror threat in Britain lessened
Reporters on the Job
Deficit projection 'stuns' Congress
Obama's case for action
For George Bush, every day brings a milestone
Presidents Bush enjoy grilled cheese and cheeseburger at lunch
Sarah Palin's back, and she still doesn't like the media
Ex-Senator Larry Craig gives up appeal of bathroom sting
Breaking News: Barack Obama is the next President of the United States!
Joe the Plumber is now a war reporter in Israel
Will Obama push China harder?
Defense spending as 'stimulus'?
'Predatory towing' fight brews
Schools tap '21st-century skills'
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Why doesn't Bush get more credit?
Opinion How to revitalize the US-European partnership
The Monitor's View Putin, pipe down on Ukraine
Kamikaze pelicans baffling Calif. scientists
Heat sends Southwest climate back in time
Falling from the sky
DTV update: Obama asks Congress to delay digital switch
Web widgets could transform TV
Lima Nights
The Guns of August
Good books in bad times
Unexplained static from the edge of the universe
A telltale Poe-pourri
Easy-to-grow beauties
A low-tech day on the slopes
Some light on dealing with bureaucracy
These beautiful orchids are easy to grow -- honest!
Where have all the houseplants gone?