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Monitor Articles for January 29, 2009

Even in exile, Somali journalists face death
Will EU lifeline sink Iceland's fishing industry?
Gaza tunnels buzz again despite strikes
Iraqi courts to decide fate of America's detainees
Thousands of civilians remain trapped in Sri Lankan war zone
International news roundup – Jan. 29
UN evacuates Sri Lankan civilians from war zone
Voting Is in Vogue in Iraq
Coca-cola – straight from the Gaza tunnels
Obama redefines war on terror
Barack and Michelle Obama lead celebration of new equal pay law
Obama sets himself a high political bar
House passes stimulus bill; now for the great Senate debate
Sarah Palin on 2012: No, not at all, not at all, no
DC area schools actually open - Obama goes to visit daughter
Sarah Palin's shoes sell for $2,000 on eBay
Will Padilla's case be heard?
Tampa welcomes fans to the, well, Subdued Bowl
First of 8,000 antitobacco suits to go to trial in Florida
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Rethink the value of college
Opinion In Uganda, justice, or just a publicity stunt?
The Monitor's View How to feed the hungry billion
Can energy efficiency brighten a dark economy?
Unions see better days ahead under Obama's leadership
How many jobs from stimulus money? It depends.
How stimulus bill reignited the partisan divide
It's cold. Does that debunk global warming?
Do volcanoes change the climate?
Researchers study the other greenhouse gas: water vapor
USB upgrade
Better mousetraps: How inventors plan to change football
USGS: Eruption risk from Alaska volcano rising
Microsoft's Songsmith a YouTube hit machine
The Red Convertible
Count down to the next Kindle
Welcome to the ultimate sailing race – around the world, alone
Winter dawn
Never too late to learn
Have a story to tell of tough times?
Love-empowered hope
A dreamy blue contrast
Latest news on plants and indoor air