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Monitor Articles for January 23, 2009

Sundance: Take my film ... please!
Bolivians set to vote on new constitution
Thailand accused of mistreating Muslim refugees
India revels in acclaim for 'Slumdog Millionaire'
Closing Guantánamo: Will Europeans take detainees?
Iraqi voters show preference for can-do over creed
Newest Gaza fight: Who controls reconstruction aid?
Blogs, YouTube: the new battleground of Gaza conflict
In Gaza, a family wonders how to rebuild
Rwanda arrests Congo rebel leader Nkunda
Still standing room only in the White House briefing room
After a big political flap, New York gets its new U.S. senator
Move over Obama, now the pope's on YouTube
Can Sarah Palin read? Chris Matthews isn't sure
Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman to join Milli Vanilli?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion A classic debate about economic stimulus
The Monitor's View Obama's era of responsible citizens
Scotland turns to 18th-century poet for economic stimulus
Scotland joins nations' pitch for tourists – with poems
Study: Hummers get the most tickets
Obama's Transportation pick sails through Senate
EarthTalk: Cloth or disposable? The diaper debate is back.
New networks take nature’s pulse
Horizon highlights – Obama edition
The Little Giant of Aberdeen County
The Good Good Pig
More on "Obama: The Musical"
Hey, Obamas! Is this your dog?
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Your local DJ – a few time zones away
A case of cold plagiarism?
Other ways than by (kinetic) warfare
A night out on a frozen river
Over the hedge
Paying for college – 'Nearer to Thee'