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Monitor Articles for January 20, 2009

In Obama's rise, Kenyans see lessons for Africa
N. Korea strident as Obama takes reins
Gaza fighting pauses, but is the war over?
Rwandan troops enter Democratic Republic of Congo
Qatar: Future Muslim leaders seek fresh path
Detained in China: A chair with hand-cuffs, ankle-cuffs, and a torso lock
A global 'To Do' List for Obama
Pakistanis ask: Do US history textbooks give opposing views on Hiroshima?
Barack Obama's protocol-rich ride to the Capitol
What Obama’s inaugural speech achieved – and what it didn’t
Obama and Biden go to pre-inaugural church service
As people head to the Mall, subways are filled in "near-crush conditions"
This is a Hollywood Inauguration - Oprah gets bigger cheer than Colin Powell
Inauguration signals new era - World War II vet 'knew it would come'
Inauguration bound: Riding the Metro
Waiting for Obama to come to his new home
Rick Warren and Aretha Franklin on stage (get different reactions)
For thousands of Americans, there was only one place to be
The Inauguration was great - but battling the crowds? Yikes!
Entrepreneurship on the National Mall
Now president, Obama plans urgent first steps
Barack Obama’s High-Tech Parade
Who botched the Oath of Office – Obama or Justice Roberts?
Hey - it's a brand spanking new White House website
President Obama takes Michelle out dancing
Today's official schedule
Jill Biden: Joe could have been Secretary of State or VP
Official text of President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address
New calls for reform in gridlocked California
Letters to the Editor
Opinion For Obama and other public servants, three tests of integrity
Opinion From Van Buren to Bush, a better way to rank US presidents
Opinion A new day: Statement from The Christian Science Board of Directors
The Monitor's View Embers of Mideast peace in Gaza
US economic crisis puts youth corps at risk
Why banks still teeter, after $232 billion in aid
Banking crisis: new wave of trouble looks familiar
Obama speech: Can hope trump deflation?
Could cows heal the West?
Military brass joins wired troops
From Galileo's moons to galaxies far, far away
Nothing to Fear
The World According to Bertie
Letters to Michelle Obama
"Obama: The Musical"
The family weather forecast
Winners of the Young Poets Contest
On the lookout for woodpeckers
Inaugural-day hope
The White House gardens