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Monitor Articles for January 15, 2009

Alleged coup plot probe roils Turkey
Fatah, Hamas split widens amid Gaza war
As house prices rise, Iraqis find they can't go home again
Judge orders release of Guantánamo detainee
Britons snort at Blair's award
Stop shooting, says UN chief, then get a Gaza cease-fire deal
We're baaaaack: Islamists take over in Somalia
Holder denounces waterboarding, other forms of 'torture'
Confirmation hearings foreshadow future flash points between Obama, Congress
Obama's speech: An inaugural past not hard to surpass
The Obama family on the move
D.C. readies as millions head to city
Obama's new limo - ugly but it can fend off asteroids
No practical jokes for Obama says Bush White House
Just in time for the Inauguration - an all-Obama TV channel
Five ways Bush's policies changed world
In Iraq, an assertion of US 'hard' power
Bush scores well on India and China, less so for Iran, N. Korea
In new tactic, L.A. goes after gangs' money
An intense US focus on checking terrorism
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Uncle Sam vs. your favorite toys
Opinion As Islamists exploit financial crisis, Lebanon stands fast
The Monitor's View Judging Bush with a bird's eye
House releases first look at Obama stimulus
Is Obama's climate czar really a socialist?
Worldwatch's climate book sets high bar for emissions cuts
Tiny bubbles to clean NYC water
Holograms, live onstage
What Jobs's exit means for Apple
Postcards from Tomorrow Square
Oracle Bones
2008: A good year for fiction?
Knox Elementary goes to Washington for the inauguration
Divine flowers
The City in Winter
A presidential reading quest
A dog's to-do list
Share your stories
Empty hours?
Divine flowers
Are your houseplants getting enough light?