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Monitor Articles for January 12, 2009

China: Lunar New Year without a bribe?
India moves to contain Satyam fraud fallout
What's the endgame for Israel and Hamas in Gaza?
Islamist militias clash in Somalia as Ethiopian troops withdraw
Reporters on the Job
Thais tighten ban on royal slurs
Cultural snapshot: Japan's Coming of Age Day
Reporters on the Job: Tangled in Mexican tape
Reporters on the Job: The power of patience in Iraq
Hamas leader: What we want in Gaza
Russia, Ukraine near gas deal - but what about next time?
International news roundup
Cultural snapshot: Inline skating in misty India
Reporters on the Job: Riding through Afghanistan in a Humvee
Reporters on the Job: Finding banned novels in a Thai library
Obama narrows it down to Labradoodle or Portuguese Water Dog
Ohio Sen. Voinovich to retire. Could Joe the Plumber run for Senate?
'Historic' building versus religious rights
Letters to the Editor
Opinion An inside story of how the US magnified Palestinian suffering
The Monitor's View Chesapeake Bay left up a creek
Recollection: A dairy's charity rewarded
Unemployment office jammed? Here's how to file for benefits.
Financial Q&A: Looking for safety? No matter where you go, risk follows.
What qualities do investors need in 2009?
Good times for repair shops and secondhand stores
Mutual funds: A long climb to recovery?
Jobless claims overwhelm state offices
Auto show blues? Consumer electronics offer ray of hope.
Can Obama's clean energy plan save the climate?
Farming sunlight
Palm Pre breaks the rules, but can it break into the market?
Safety Council: National ban on phone calls while driving
American Buffalo
Good news for comic books
When college students reinvent the world
Where have all the pint-sized collectors gone?
Share your stories
In praise of a son's long hair
Does handwriting really matter anymore?
Point of view: Splendid isolation
Prayer about piracy
Lettuce us introduce you to a great salad
Don't walk on the grass