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Monitor Articles for September 5, 2008

Mexico City launches community gardens
Mackie Green: Canada's premier whale rescuer
Who's joining Thai protests?
Flooding in India: Why wasn't the government ready?
Abu Dhabi group makes $354 million bid for English soccer team
France gives boost to Israeli-Syrian talks
Pentagon recommends holding US troops levels in Iraq steady until February
Reporters on the Job
McCain appeals to moderates with vow to reform GOP
In dispirited Detroit, mayor pleads guilty
Cheney visit: U.S. treads tightrope on Georgia aid
McCain's speech - thumbs up, thumbs down
Rice's visit to a changed Libya
As Gustav evacuees return to New Orleans, a varied homecoming
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Sarah Palin can have it all
Opinion Broadway's 'Rent' exits stage left (thank goodness)
The Monitor's View How not to rescue the Big Three
Bright Green's top 11 environmental songs
EarthTalk: Why plastic caps belong in the trash, not the recycle bin
How to download free books, music, and movies from local libraries
‘Spore’ ready to bloom
Horizon highlights – Tough questions for Obama, tough gadgets for soldiers, and tough love for Chrome
Home Girl
The next phase of libraries rolls into town
The Third Reich in Power
Sarah Palin and libraries
Eight rumors you can leak to revive a political campaign
The day the Internet shut down
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Faking it, artfully
Goodbye Raffi, hello hipster!
How getting into a good argument makes us all shine
Following the footsteps of Flannery O'Connor
Over the hedge: What kind of pool is that?
The goal – satisfying work, or your calling?
Spider lilies herald a welcome seasonal shift
Newspapers make good garden mulch
Garden siteseeing in Japan, Portugal, and Spain