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Monitor Articles for September 30, 2008

Stolen tanks add urgency to piracy fight
Ecuador votes to lock in its shift to the left
Europe pushed to produce its own rescue plans
Why Israeli settlers are lashing out
Dramatic rescue frees 19 hostages taken in Egypt
Tripoli blast further strains Lebanese tensions
Reporters on the Job
Doubts about Palin grow, even among conservatives
Gotcha? Palin's encore performance with Couric
After wild September, who knows what McCain will try next?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion The real solution to the financial crisis: recession
Opinion What YouTube's 'Charlie bit my finger' tells us about Web 2.0
The Monitor's View Shelve the S.A.T?
Dow's historic drop reflects financial system's challenges
College students adapt to high gas prices
Could bailout's pay caps launch Wall Street trend?
Impatient with U.S., Europe crafts own rescue plans
Congressional leaders pledge to try again on ‘bailout’
Without a bailout, what happens next?
High stakes in Canada’s vast oil-sands fields
Racy movie trailers are on the rise
Signs of snow on Mars
What can you do with a 12-million-digit prime number?
Once They Hear My Name
The Dynasties of China
They don't like 'Hari Puttar' in India
The Buddhist nun and the cellphone novel
A baseball team bridges ethnic animosities in rural China
For kids: These puppets have strings to hold them up
Where horses get a helping hand
Out of work?
Amid fall hues, a splash of blue
A classical Chinese garden