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Monitor Articles for September 18, 2008

In Nigeria 'oil war,' militants step up attacks
Zimbabwe: Latest test of Africa's power-sharing model
Afghan civilian death toll undermines U.S. support
To succeed Olmert, Israel's Mofaz opts for macho politics
U.S. Embassy hit in Yemen, raising militancy concerns
Livni looks victorious in Israel's Kadima primary
Mauritania hunts Al Qaeda militants
Churchgoing Catholics returning to GOP fold
Media truth squads and the ’08 campaign: Any impact?
Palin's hacked email account -- what's next?
Embattled Alaska Rep Don Young beats Palin pal in primary
First it was Paris and Britney, now Lindsay joins the campaign
U.S. concern rises about future of Iraq's detainees
Big players elbow on U.N. Security Council
Letters to the Editor
Opinion America's tough decision on Iran's dissidents
Opinion A democracy without civics?
The Monitor's View Russia and NATO's identity question
AIG bailout: Where does financial crisis lead next?
Wall Street woes: why world's investors sit on sidelines
Congress eyes solutions for Wall Street woes
Palin says she would helm energy policy as VP
Global warming law will boost California economy, study finds
Turning waste into fertilizer
Blind 'ants from mars'
Video games start to shape classroom curriculum
Microsoft ditches Seinfeld and grabs a page from Apple
Angel of Grozny
Sweet Man Is Gone
John Grisham libel suit results
Ethiopian Jews act out their journey to Israel
A splattered and tattered family history
Back to school – without fear
Apple tree goodness, from bough to fruit
Clean out the chemicals
Garden 'siteseeing' in New England