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Monitor Articles for September 12, 2008

NBA teaches African girls the right moves on – and off – the court.
Cold war echo: Russian military maneuvers with Venezuela
Food aid arrives in Haiti but delivery is still difficult
Military harassment threatens Sri Lanka's oasis of peace
Are towns really safer without traffic lights?
Lebanese sects aim to end clashes
Venezuelan president expels US ambassador amid US-Bolivia tension
Reporters on the Job
McCain, Obama pledge to boost US volunteerism
Palin sketches out her foreign-policy views
John McCain - remnant of disco era?
McCain on 'The View': I haven't changed
The highs and lows of Sarah Palin's first interview
Truce over - McCain, Obama throw punches in new ads
Troubled Air Force tanker program halted
Nonprofits launch effort on 9/11 to boost volunteerism
Ike evacuation: 'Hurricane amnesty' to help Gulf's illegal immigrants
After 9/11, some lives recast for greater good
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Oslo 15 years on: fruitful lessons from a flawed Mideast pact
Opinion Yes, even college English teachers fall for Facebook
The Monitor's View The Palin factor in the 'culture wars'
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac wielded big clout in Washington
Lehman: The next bailout?
Sarah Palin backs away from climate denial
Thieves try to steal Barack Obama's grandma's solar panel
Saint John: Canada’s new energy hub
Home solar: What kind of system should you buy?
Blu-ray and Yahoo inject the Web into television
Horizon highlights – Video edition
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
Burn before or after reading?
Toronto Film Festival: Talent, comedy, crotchety directors
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Noteworthy CD releases
Fewer items, less controversy in the checkout line
Before walkie-talkies, a traffic-flag relay
Mom to Dad: 'Think Jimmy's doing O.K. at camp?'
Computer viruses and prayer
Butterfly helpers
Signs of a hard winter to come