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Monitor Articles for September 11, 2008

Is Mexico the new China?
U.S. trains sights on Taliban, Al Qaeda stronghold
To counter Russia, E.U. reaches out to Ukraine
Can an ex-convict be Jerusalem's mayor?
Daughters of Iraq: front-line guards against suicide bombers
Russian bombers arrive in Venezuela for joint maneuvers
Reporters on the Job
Palin effect: Obama camp thrown off stride
Palin the rock star heads home to Alaska
Obama, McCain observe 9/11 anniversary
At U.N., a bolder approach to terrorism
Texas death-row inmate gets reprieve, but not because of alleged affair
Delays, mistakes plague 911 system
Who wants to be a teacher? A whole lot of people, a new survey finds.
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Who needs a good memory when there's Google?
Opinion Blue-collar America is smarter than you may think
The Monitor's View A tip of the hat to peacemakers
Next president faces swelling U.S. debt
Greenpeace activists cleared of damaging UK power plant
Communities plan for a low-energy future
Botanist's aim: revive New York ecosystems
The benefit of old-growth forests
Jhai PC: Low-cost computer links villages to the Web
As texting prices climb, the number of texts sent climbs even faster
The Irregulars
True World War I Stories
Harry Potter: Who really won?
Equine refugees find a future in African tourism
Ocean State eats
More Mail Bag matches
The real changes of September 11
Watch out for night lighting and mums
A garden tended with love
Garden siteseeing in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany