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Monitor Articles for August 8, 2008

Key elements of Kenya's peace deal
Why the Kenya talks succeeded
After two months of discord, finally a handshake
Venezuelan businessman turns thieves into employees
China welcomes the Olympics with fireworks – and wedding bells
Olympic cauldron lighters
What Asia wants from the next U.S. president
At Opening Ceremonies, China writes its own story
India: Housing boom declines, hinting at slower economy
Calls for France to rethink its Africa role
Campaign '08 enters goofy stage
When political lawn signs shout too loudly
Campaign '08 enters goofy stage
When political lawn signs shout too loudly
Hamdan sentenced in first terror tribunal
How did anthrax suspect Ivins keep security clearance?
Veterans groups seek dedicated funding for healthcare
Strides in fighting homelessness
Letters to the Editor
Opinion I'm torn to see newspapers go
Opinion Fair-trade coffee: not worth a hill of beans
Appreciation for John K. Cooley
The Monitor's View Do apes have human rights?
Study: Newspaper science coverage declining
Save the climate: Eat a kangaroo
EarthTalk: Do city ‘congestion taxes’ really help the environment?
An asteroid cop gets ready to patrol
Better way to recycle computers
Horizon highlights – Thinnest balloon, lordship for sale, alternative storytelling
"When We Were Romans"
Read what you like
My interminable flight with a crying child
One man’s plea to keep hair styles out of politics
Designing the places we wait
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Reinventing rumba, Catalan style
Whose play is this, anyway?
Over the hedge: The coolest dad to stop by day care
Weather patterns that are all in our minds
When your grown child is far away
Moss in the lawn
Historic trees to the rescue
Best time to pick vegetables