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Monitor Articles for August 29, 2008

Mexico's Supreme Court upholds abortion law
Pentagon disputes reports of 90 Afghan civilians killed in US airstrike
Antiterror measures incite sectarianism in Yemen
Iraq's port city shows signs of an economic comeback
Yemen's fight against resurgent Al Qaeda
Reporters on the Job
Palin pick jolts GOP ranks ahead of convention
Soaring speech from Obama, plus some specifics
Twin Cities: homespun and cosmopolitan
Surprise, surprise. John McCain picks Sarah Palin
Obama's speech through the eyes of the media
"Tougher in Alaska" host Geo Beach discusses Sarah Palin
McCain, Palin and you. Readers talk about the VP pick
McCain's VP pick - Palin? Yes! No! What?
Sarah Palin for VP? McCain pulls a mighty head-fake?
West mulls few options in Georgia-Russia crisis
Void in U.S. strategy for Afghanistan
New Orleans pastors get help from churches across country
As Gustav nears, oil companies shut down rigs
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Farewell to world peace?
Opinion Fall shopping, without the guilt
The Monitor's View Russia trifles with genocide
'Pristine' environments and sustainability
Ancient geckos
Horizon highlights – The stories behind OLPC, NASA shields, and where cellphones RIP
First Stop in the New World
More on that vampire book
Wood, wheels, workhorse: the chikudu story
Sounding out character in movies
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Folk flourishes in America's music scene – once again
Head lost in the clouds of computing
High hopes for slam-dunk success in China
God's law of abundance
August lilies -- wallflowers worth noticing
Grass in shady areas
Is it OK to mow a wet lawn?