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Monitor Articles for August 22, 2008

Sudanese: 'What Arab-African rift?'
For the unsung javelin throw, millions of superfans
In defense of He Kexin, sort of
Patience is golden for American volleyball
China: Can Olympic gold last?
Why Georgia is not start of 'Cold War II'
Amid Russia-Georgia standoff, iconic photo of 1968 Soviet invasion
Yemen confronts plight of child brides
Russia downplays prospect of Syria missile deal to calm Israel
Obama's VP announcement - is it Chet Edwards?
Still waiting on the VP announcement...
What up, homes? McCain's bad day at the ranch
Online media awaits Obama VP announcement
Despite Alaska's challenges, new farmers take root
Letters to the Editor
Opinion In Hannah Montana v. Mets, Dad rules
Opinion The outlook on a triple-superpower world
The Monitor's View China gets its 'rise' – but not the world's respect
Sales down, so firms boost morale
Newly built dream homes and harm's way
Scientists develop silencer for wind turbines
Polar bears spotted swimming in open seas
EarthTalk: What to do about those hard-to-recycle CDs, DVDs, and their cases?
US cold-war waste irks Greenland
New rays of hope for solar power’s future
Horizon highlights — Obama's web strategy, shooting the moon, and a wearable motorcycle
Giordano Bruno: Philosopher/Heretic
Christmas: A Candid History
Bookstore Hall of Fame
One school’s unusual changes in the hallways and cafeteria
Dining out requires too many decisions
Cheap movies coming soon
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Zimbabwe's art of stone
What would summer be without the county fair?
Uh, what did you say your name was, again?
The way that I remember it
Political convention prayers
Stop fertilizing
The poky little puppy in the garden
Garden news roundup