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Monitor Articles for August 21, 2008

The alternate universe of the Olympics
China: Can Olympic gold last?
Nepal's ex-guerrillas take on civilian rule
Saudis use cash and counseling to fight terrorism
Strategic shift in North Africa militancy
Russia threatens to suspend NATO cooperation
Conventions: a bounce for the candidates
Denver’s second coming-out party
New Christian group airs ads – for Obama
McCain, Obama set to spar in presidential debates
New Obama ad ties McCain to Ralph Reed
McCain, Obama and how many homes?
Despite Alaska's challenges, new farmers take root
Bush education law: shift ahead?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion My housing bust redemption
Opinion Keep the option of single-sex ed
The Monitor's View Battle of the binge
Utility volunteers to close two coal plants in Colorado
It's almost like cars are the sea within which we live and we're so attached to them, it's so habitual. . . We are trying to lead the way, to set an example about how to get away from cars altogether.
Burning toxic fumes for cleaner air
In Germany, ruddy-cheeked farmers achieve (green) energy independence
Evergreens scrub out the poultry smell
Designs for a better world emerge from M.I.T. summit
OurStage hosts online talent show
Microsoft's Photosynth stitches pictures into 3D collages
The Wrecking Crew
Our First Revolution
What book got you hooked?
A pen, a passport, a mission for Laos
Backyard Percussion and Yellow
A longing to grow watermelon
The poky little puppy in the garden
The Olympics and breaking limits
Tadpoles in the pond
Growing green in Detroit
Siteseeing in the South