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Monitor Articles for August 19, 2008

U.S. farmers see how their employees live back in Mexico
For some US gymnasts, success is a family affair
When Messi plays, soccer becomes the 'beautiful game'
Breathe deeply; this air may not last
‘Redeem Team’ wants more than Olympic gold
Afghan officials clamp down on the press
Musharraf resigns as Pakistan's president
After Musharraf's exit, joy and challenges
Russia-Georgia conflict: Why both sides have valid points
Why US-Poland missile deal rouses Russian bear
Jihadis shift attention to war in Afghanistan
War-torn Somalia braces for fresh violence amid shaky peace accord
Obama's VP pick - predictions, Internet hoaxes and guarantees
New poll shows McCain - Obama in virtual tie
Tuesday morning reads
Obama and Biden in Springfield, Illinois?
Bid to allow guns in national parks
Not so smart cards easily hacked
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Cut the lawn – and the engine
Opinion Where Jews and Arabs get along
The Monitor's View Afer Musharraf, a new U.S. role
What does Bigfoot mean to us?
Do uranium mines belong near Grand Canyon?
Google and Apple climb the customer-satisfaction polls
What happened to Anna K.
The Last Wild Wolves
A green thumbs-up to urban farming
Squeezing every drop from a dollar
The not-so-perfect son
More Mail Bag matches
New and just for kids
Where does giving fit in?
Make fresh herbs last longer than a season
Garden ideas on vacation
Best tomato varieties in Masschusetts
Tops in tomato taste